Unmountable Hygiene Wheelchair

The unmountable hygiene chair provides: practicality, lightness, endurance, durability, safety and protection. Equipped with castors protected, propulsion and manual braking, designed to internal environments, driven by the user or companion.

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Completely Unmountable

The chair is removable and packaged in a specific bag for your transfer, allowing the PCD (Person with Disabilities), to be able to travel calmly through any modal (car, bus, train, subway, airplane, boat, etc.), taking with him his hygienic chair to meet your needs when needed.

Portable Ramp

The Wheelchair ramp for Accessibility is a product destined for PCD (Disabled people), persons with reduced mobility who use a wheelchair and who need residential establishments and / or obstacles (step), hindering and obstructing its free movement.



Made of checkered surface plate of aluminum alloy with 04 independent feet with height adjustment and anti-slip protection.



The portable mobile ramp for accessibility, standard model is designed to be installed in an obstacle (step), with a height of at least 13 cm and a maximum height of 19 cm. For heights different from portable mobile ramp to standard model accessibility please get in touch.

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Meet our line of Accessories and Spare Parts for the Folding hygiene chair and Wheelchair ramp

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